The burnt husk of this town can still be found some ten miles from the brinewall.

The Brinewall

Pop. 450~ and rising (170~ refugees)
250 Humans
63 dwarves
18 elves
9 gnomes
14 uncommon races
100 kobolds.

A small farming community seeking refugee in the castle that dominates the local landscape. The brinewall is missing a large chunk out of its main outer wall.
The brinewall has a poor militia, equiped mainly with shortswords, leather armour and shortbows (1 masterwork short, 1 masterwork shortbow, 1 masterwork leather armour).
The brinewall is poorly provisioned. Starvation is not an impossibility.
The brinewall is served by a clan of kobolds residing in its lower reaches.


A small community some two hundred miles north of the Brinewall, completely destroyed by raiders. The survivors of this community made their way by caravan to the Brinewall.


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