Ok, so this is my first campaign, and I’m going to pull bits and pieces I like from whatever sources I please because, well, I’m the GM. :P Notably, the one thing I really like from 4E is minions, and I might utilise them to make certain encounters feel grander. Also, after the first couple levels, expect to need healing mid-combat. You have been warned. >:D (Don’t feel like you need to have a heal-bot character, just be prepared to bring potions)

To begin with this will mostly be premade scenarios while we all get used to how things are going, but I hope to make this a living campaign, and I’ll try to roll with basically anything the PCs try and do. To give a specific, expect your actions to effect your alignments over time.

Some campaigns I’ve seen list themselves as 25/75 or 50/50 or whatever, in terms of ratio of combat to RP. I’m not sure how this campaign is going to turn out. It will probably be more combat to begin with, and we’ll see where it goes. But be warned, I consider RP and combat to be essentially intertwined, and will encourage any potential exploitations of that. If you can make me laugh or cringe or generally react to what you’re doing, expect a bonus (or penalty) to your action (within reason).

For now, assume the game setting will be roughly Golarian, but the PCs won’t be active members of the pathfinder society (ex-members are ok).

All of this is just where I’m starting from, and I’m not married to any of it. If it turns out all of our players just want a series of hack and slash scenarios, we can do that. Once we get an idea of who is going to be playing, I want to get people’s ideas on what sort of game they want to have, and I’ll use that information to decide exactly what sort of games to prepare.

And of course, the #1 rule is that everything above is just a guideline, and I reserve the right to add to it, or throw it all out, if it aids in making a fun game.

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Tales From Golarion

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