The setting for this campaign is, in most ways, the standard Inner Sea World version of Golarion. This is because this is my first campaign as a GM, and I don’t want to add the challenges of world building ontop of everything else that I’m doing for the first time. Read: I’m lazy.

There are, however, a few significant differences. Approximately one hundred years ago, in the year 4608, just a few years after Aroden died, a warlord arose in the city-state of Korvosa, in Varisia. His name was Matthias Browngut, or – as he would come to be known, Emperor Matthias I. He dreamt of rebuilding the ancient empire of Thassilon. And to an extent, he did. He united the nation of Varisia for the first time since before the Age of Enthronement. He pushed the orcs of the Hold of Belkzen north, deep into the Tusk Mountains, in the process winning the loyalty of the peoples of Lastwall and Nirmathas.

In a time of great turmoil in the world, he brought peace and stability. Varisia entered a golden age. But it takes more than expanding territory boundries to make an Empire.

Six years ago, 4705 years since the Enthronement, Emperor Matthias, third of his name, died, without a named heir. The Empire of Varisia descended into chaos, with multiple factions claiming the throne. Three factions came to the fore, those of;
Arch-Duke Christos of Magnimar, the old Emperors Brother. Generally considered to be the strongest claimant to the throne, and a decent ruler;
the Duchess-Regent Sepharti, the old emperor’s consort, (who currently controls the capital of Korvosa) and mother of his illegitimate son, the Prince Joshua (currently five years old), and;
The Earl-Defender Reginald of Vigil, a Guard Captain raised to his position due to valor on the battlefield. Less concerned with viaing with the throne as preventing the return of the Orcs to Urgir.

Generally speaking, Varisia is much the same as it is listed as in the Inner Sea World Guide, but there are a few differences. The major population centres (Magnimar, Riddleport and Korvosa) have higher populations than listed, while medium to small centres have the same or even fewer people.

Because the nobility are spending most of their military effort on each other, the country side is rampant with raiders and brigands, even the occaisional Orc band. Villagers have been forced to take up arms to defend themselves – usually unsuccesfully. This, constant campaigning of large armies, has led to a refugee migration away from the central conflict zones.

Inner Sea Region – The general map for most pathfinder stuff – nearly all Pathfinder Society games are somewhere on this map. Consists of the continents of Avistan to the north and Garund to the south, with bits of Casmaron visible to the east. Think of them as, roughly, Europe, Africa and Central/Western Asia. The area that interests us is in the top left hand corner.

Varisia – This is where most of our story is – the nations immediately to the east are also part of the Empire of Varisia in my modified version of Golarion, but they’re a fair distance from where our story begins. Which is right next to brinewall, which you can see right in the top left corner.


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