Ok Guys, The Loot spreadsheets are below. The address below it will let you edit it.




chain shirt, masterwork lucerne hammer, shortspear,
2x leather armor, longbow with 20 arrows, longsword, sap,
2x studded leather, greatsword
Masterwork Longbow
Masterwork Shortsword (I changed it in game to a wakizashi, but joel isnt using them anymore, so it reverts)
Demoenfaced helmet
heavy cloak
1 Large Wolf pelt (worth 250gp)
2 Medium welf Pelts (worth 50gp each)
80lb of wolf meat.
Chain shirt
masterwork longsword
potion of cure light wounds x3 (all used)
Heavy wooden shield, dagger, longsword, silver holy symbol
masterwork greatsword
15lbs of mithril (Sorry, I said this was adamantine in the session, its actually mithril)

I think there were other things I listed while we were playing, but I either didn’t write them down, or forgot which list I took them from. If you wrote something down that isn’t here, just tell me.

Gems: Various small, common gems, totaling 2142gp in value

Gold: 478gp

(again, this might be slightly off from what i said on the table, I’ll keep better track next time).


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