Character Creation and Homebrew Rules

Rerolls and Retraining

Until you play a session as Level 2, you will be free to reroll as much and as often as you please, between gaming sessions. So if you play a char, decide you hate it, feel free to change part or all of the character.

Once you have played a session as a Level 2, full standard retraining rules will apply.


A standard dice roll system, with a few modifications. First, on initial character creation, a single reroll is allowed. This is to prevent someone coming away with a character so completely gimped as to be useless.

Second, as part of character advancement, instead of getting a +1 bonus to one attribute every four levels, you instead get a +d4 boost to two different attributes. Each time you gain this bonus, one die may be applied to the same attribute repeatedly, while the second die has to be applied to an attribute you did not boost on your previous level up. This system simulates your growing physical and mental capability.


No uncommon races. Those choosing Featured races should be warned that the common stereotypes for these races will effect how your character is received in the world.


Any official Paizo source is allowed, with the exception of Mythics.

Wounds and Vigor

We will be using the Wounds and Vigor system, found here).


Magic may be done using the Words of Power system, found here. You don’t have to, but I think it’s cool, and I hope you do too. This is a more complex system, and if it feels like too much for you, don’t feel like you to use it.


Anything but Chaotic Evil.
We will be using the Ultimate Campaign rules on Alignment, detailed here.


Whatever you please, but at the start of the campaign, your characters have come to live in the small town of Brineshade. They might have been born and raised there, recently immigrated, chosen the small town as a retirement area, been forced to make a seachange to avoid the consequences of unfortunate life choices, or they might be refugees from the all consuming civil war.


Every character may choose one Perform, Craft or Profession suited to their characters profession. This skill is a free skill, and will receive one free skill point per character level.

The associated attribute for this skill may be changed to something appropriate for this skill, pending GM approval. For example, Profession (Blacksmithing) might be taken with an attribute of Str.

Armor and DR

We will be using the Armor as Damage Reduction system as described here. I might be houseruleing the DR up or down a bit after we play a few sessions.

Piercing Armor DR

Piercing weapons bypass half of any armour based DR, rounding up.
Broken Armor’s DR is halved, rounding down.
These effects stack.


To prevent everyone from just being automatically hit by everything above level 3, I’m going to add the Defense Bonus rules from 3.5 to the game. HOWEVER These will stack with armour.

For the purposes of the Defense system, an animal companion with natural armour is considered to be of the same column as an equivalent armour proficiency. +1 to +3 is light, +4 to +6 medium, +7 and above – heavy.

So, a L1 Fighter wearing chainmail, wielding a heavy shield and having a +2 dex modifier, would have a Defense of 20 and DR 6/Magic.

A L1 Rogue wearing studded leather armor, a +4 dex modifier and wielding two weapons would have a defense of 17 and a DR 3/Magic

A L1 Sorceror wearing cloth and a +3 dex modifier would have a Defense 14 and DR 0.

A L1 Elephant (totally random example, I swear), with +4 natural armour and a +2 dex bonus would have Defense 16 and DR 4/Magic.

For purposes of critical confirmation, this defense does not apply.

Crafting/Purchasing Rules

Purchasing is limited to any non-magical gear, with the exception of Cure Light and Moderate Wound potions, which are always available at half their normal price.

Magical items must be crafted. Most standard rules apply, however, any feat requirements for crafting specific items have been removed. I don’t have any specific rules on what can and can’t be made, but assume it’s limited.

Animal Companions

No restrictions on what animal companions you can choose.

Character Creation and Homebrew Rules

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