Tales From Golarion

Kobolds in a Keep

24th of Erastus, 4711

Our brave heroes made their way back to the Brinewall, to find it abandoned by the raiders that had previously destroyed the town of Brineshade. From all appearances, the raiders were scared away by whatever horrible creature disposed of their leader, and desecrated his body in truly horrible ways.

The mighty heroes cough made their way down through the larder, into the home of the kobolds beneath the keep. After triggering a alarm trap, that well and truly woke up the entire kobold population, they fought their way through a large ambush of kobolds and dire rats. Past the kobold’s watchpost, they found a full kobold village under the keep. They made their way through, past a haunted spirit from the keep’s deep history, and found the kobold’s hatchery, and the leader of the kobolds, Lessanth. Lessanth proved to be a (relatively) intelligent kobold, with a surprising command of common, and was less than satisified with his new position, under the resident Flame Drake, Dracolic. An uneasy detente ensued, and the party retreated to safety, to wait out the return of Dracolic.

25th of Erastus, 4711

When the heroes awoke, they were greated by the unmistakable call of a drake. After the following battle, in which our heroes were luckily only subjected to one fireball (GM note: You guys were one round from being hit again), and a druid’s valiant attempt to make a snake-mount out of the drake, the drake was slain, but not without knocking the druid out, and almost killing him outright.

The fighter’s skill as a butcher allowed the party to fully exploit the corpse of the drake, even if it did result in the already injured druid being splashed with acid. After spending an inordinate amount of time examining the cave’s ventilation system, the party discovered the drake’s pile of gold, and a thassilonian magically sealed door, beyond the skills of any party member.

The party returned to the forest camps, bringing the villagers back to the keep to start making the place habitable for humans again. At the same time, they negotiated a mutually beneficial alliance with the kobolds, with the kobold’s retaining their village beneath the keep, in exchange for helping defend the keep at night.

Time passes, as the villagers settle in, and the heroes of the Brinewall recover from their last couple of days.

2nd of Arudus 4711

After a week in the keep, the bartender/paladin Frederick Nordsson called the heroes to his chapel/taproom, and asked them for their help once again. Their situation is no longer horrendous, merely dire. Food will be tight, but ok. However, their community is no longer off the radar – if they continue to occupy the Brinewall, someone will noticce, and likely come for them. If they do, as it stands at the moment, there will be no way to defend it. He handed them a map, and pointed out the approximate location of a quarry, a lumber camp, a mine and an alchemist’s laboratory.

While Frederick is himself a (mostly) lawful sort of person, he made it clear that he is more interested in the survival of his community than looking too closely at where its windfalls might come from.

Our heroes set off north, along the Emperor’s Highway, towards the lumber camp. Along the way, they encounter an attempted ambush by a small group of goblins, and a large refugee caravan heading the opposite way. After the leader of the caravan, a matronly lady by the name of Myla, becoming quickly enamoured with our heroes’ fighter, the heroes sent them onwards towards the Brinewall.

5th of Arodus 4711

The Heroes have stumbled upon the lumber camp, but everything is not as it should be. The camp seems to be abandoned, and eerily quiet. The party found bipedal hoof prints that smelt slightly of evil. As they were examining the camp, a gut-wrenching moan was heard.



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