Tales From Golarion

Brineshade Falls

Such a pretty village

It is a time of great unrest in the nation of Varisia, with bands of outlaws and cutthroats roaming the countryside. One such band found its way to the keep of Brinewall, and used it as a temporary base of operations to raid the surrounding area. Including the village of Brineshade.

While the valiant efforts of a few villagers were able to fend off part of the band of brigands, their efforts were not enough to prevent the fall of the town. While the majority of the villagers were safely evacuated to camps deep in the forest, four of the villages most attractive youngsters were taken.

The villagers who had previously proven their mettle acting as a rearguard in the village were sent to try and bring those youngsters back, and save them from whatever grim fate they had been led to.

Upon their trip to the Brinewall, they stumbled upon a brigand lookout, and a desperate chase through the forest in the dead of night ensued. Thanks to a traveling bard’s captivating presence, they were able to draw a significant amount of information out of the scout, including the approximate amount of raiders in the band, and the location of a goat trail leading to a rear entrance to the keep. On the way they encountered a dire wolf and her two mates. While they were defeated, the villagers, in their enthusiasm, mangled large parts of the corpses, unfortunately destroying otherwise useful meat and hide.

Once inside the keep, and having clumsily encountered several traps, the villagers were able to fight their way through another group of raiders, thanks in large part to a local farmgirl’s prestigious use of magical dazzling lights.

The villagers, some of them gravely wounded by this point, pushed forward to the raider chief – interrupting him as he was about to do ungodly things to the kidnapped youngsters. After a vicious and bloody fight took place in the confines of a cramped corridor, he, along with an evil cleric serving at his side, were defeated.

The villagers decided to interrogate the cleric, and were able to learn much. The cleric served a drake by the name of Dracolic, who has made his nest in the ancient crypts beneath the Brinewall. He is served by a number of Thassilion artifacts he has corrupted, as well as a tribe of kobolds he has co-opted as his worshipers.

Unfortunately, the villagers greed got the better of them, and they took the clerics bait, and went for the keep’s guarded treasure stash – not wondering why that one room had been left untouched, even with an entire band of raiders in residence. They triggered a Thassilion Clockwork Sentry, which let out a spray of fire, almost ending the life of one villager. Once they had retrieved the old keep lord’s cache of gems, they made good their escape.

Upon returning to the forest camps, the adventuring group of villagers discovered that the village of Brineshade is no more – it would not be possible to rebuild it in time for the approaching winter. The only hope for the townsfolk’s survival is the Brinewall. But that means confronting Dracolic, and whatever other forces lurk beneath.

Will compile when I’ve got more time.



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